LUCIA -drug that got the crowd high

 When I usually see a Indian movie releasing I know the story.Its very simple
-A boy falls in love with a girl. Girl runs away from him
-Boy has a sister or brother or a mother
-Boy is poor girl is rich
-There s a villain who s in love with the girl.
-Villain and hero have a Grudge by some family dispute or something like that
-Boy impresses the girl and villain come to know of that
-boy s sister or mother someone is sick and dying or brother is beaten up by villain
-girl asks boy to stay away from her and her family kick s him out
-villain kidnaps both families and keeps them in a Big hall where there will lot of barrels and boxes
-Villain beats the shit out of hero and chases him on road on a jeep. Still hero runs only on road
-two romantic songs and one sad song
-Hero get s fully hurt and villain says he killed his father or something. Hero suddenly get s high and  beats the villain. The End

I mean still we go for the movie. Never for the story but for the entertainment. If the comedy is good in the movie its always is a hit. We all know boy gets the girl at the end but still we act shocked when we see villain kidnapping someone. There are a few exceptions here and there by some directors with brains but not very successful.This worked for sometime and then the audience got smart they stopped watching Indian movies in theaters and started watching English TV series and movies. 

Kannada movies actually was the worst hit by this stereotype. Once upon a time all Kannada movies were taken for remakes. Now nobody in Karnataka only watch it. Who will take remakes from here simply to show a rags to riches story everytime.Once in blue-moon movies like Mungaru male came and then for another few years some crap movies came with hero as a gangster from slum and went directly there and was buried forever nobody even talked. Every other real estate guy wanted to be a hero and he lost his money and his name and slept nicely. Whom to Blame? The bloody censor board? Or the politics in the industry where only prodigal sons should only make movies?

The first ray of hope was Anurag kashyap who actually not know to many used Kannada movie songs and the language quite well in his THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS. New generation of filmmakers are now here just to say “OH fuck your boards we will make good movies no matter what”. They don’t want to be filmmakers just so that their parent s say my son acted in a film. They are the bunch influenced completely by the Tv series and thoughtful movies they watched. Blending that with Indian culture and making movies that entertain ,no matter if who s the hero of the film. New idea, new ways of film making, breaking boundaries and making brilliant films which they can one day proudly say “I did this film”. I have been following two films this one year just because they were new teams and the approach was new. I dint know if the movie was going to be a hit or not. But the way they worked and approached was worth going around it, two Kannada movies. One “simple aagondhu love story’ and the other was Lucia

Simple aagondhu love story really caught my attention with their trailer. It showed that new brand of Dark humor like they use in British TV shows. We call it as double meaning whatever. That was pretty new and it was not a copy but it had that Indian Blend to it. I followed through and even got to know the actor. Used to check with him on shoots and all. Good thing about these people is they are not desperate for fame. They are young and down to earth. You talk to them they are always giving you a nod and not arrogant because they know what it means to others. And I watched the movie and I wont say they did some Universal studios ROM COM. But the visualization and songs were worth a watch for anybody. Common it was their first but the way the movie went was just wow. It was a super hit for obvious reasons. It was entertaining and it was youthful. I have high hopes on the team for their next movies. Other who are trying too much with your shitty dialogues please remember gone are those days where guy run around trees for one girl. Grow up get a job

Also I was following this film Lucia. A frustrated director who has made some films in Kannada already threw out a blog criticizing and telling the tale of the industry in open forum. This was a shocker but this was not just his story. I have a few friends who have gone through the same path. This industry is bloody pathetic. Nobody want s their FM playing a Kannada song here why?. Because it s not healthy to hear songs about vessels and slums and daggers early morning. And I heard a hit song which read “Is my a dad a mental or my mom a mental”. I think if some college bus plays this in FM everyday kids will go mental soon.The director of Lucia Mr. Pawan Kumar took a bold step and said I don’t want any of you producers, my audience will produce my film. There you go a Indian version of kick starter was born. Indian s are not so easy to impress you see. Pawan went through that painful journey on India s first crowd funded movie. Gave the local talent s a chance to showcase their strength, gave them a voice. Shared updates on the shoot s on his page everyday like another facebook user without hiding anything.Some shouted, some appreciated and he stood strong. Everyday people started flocking in and getting the funding going. Today the movie has collected  51 lakhs from audience themselves even before releasing the film. I watched the film twice and I will say watch it if you want to watch what you call a movie. Script is the king. It breaks all stereotypes of a Indian film,  You will be the character and not the hero. The concept is so complicated but yet done so beautifully, and it feels like I really watched a movie when I came out. What s the best thing? The director s has not shut up after releasing the film. He s still talking to the audience and keeping them engaged on their questions and giving them hidden clues from the film. Now that shows how badly and how much struggle he had gone through to make this film a success and how attached he is to the film. The film has won best Film award in London and has many people in India talking about it. Go watch it because after watching all pathetic Indian movies for years you deserve to watch a good one

I also liked the way Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was conceptualised and executed. 

I have never written a review on my blog here but this movie inspires  me and motivates me how  people can bring in change whatever the situation is.

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